Robot palletizer

We also provide robot palletizing solutions based on Motoman robots. We manufacture, based on our years of experience with our own developed gantry robots, pick-up devices and other peripherals.

Ehcolo A/S supplies robotic systems, based on Motoman robots. And based on our yearlong experience with our own manufactured gantry robots, we manufacture and supply pick-up units and the pheriferical equipment like conveyors etc.

Our goal at start of using robots in palletizing was that we should reach a performance quality as close as possible to our own palletizers. In order to reach that level of quality on robot palletizing, we designed and manufactured a pick-up unit, which compensated for the shortages, which the robot by nature has, e.g. automatic layer height measuring and top-pressing. So it is not possible to palletize any better with robot, than we do now, regardless if it is overlapping or side-by-side palletizing.

The advantage of a robot compared to a conventional palletizer is, that it takes less space, so in order to further minimize space and supply of equipment, we have designed our pick-up unit so, that it also can pick-up and dispense empty pallets from a stack and in case further also can pick-up and dispense pallet protection sheets, slip-sheets and layer sheets.

These many functions and the palletizing quality does, that the capacity do not exceed 600 bags per hour, so if you require a higher capacity, then we offer one of our own make of palletizers, which takes more space, but are the most compact available. We can of course also supply a robot palletizer for up to 1200 bags per hour, here we use a “drop” kicker, this like others also, but like others, you must be aware that the palletizing quality might not be what you or your customers want, but we must say, that with firm well filled bags the result is good.

Besides palletizing we also do de-palletizing for both bags and boxes, well any products, which need and can be picked and moved from one place to another.

Robot palletizing of boxes

We have also supplied robots for palletizing of boxes, and where we normally use our vacuum pick-up tool. We have even supplied one system with an automatic tool changer, so the robot can palletize both bags and boxes.

Robot cell

For lower capacity packing lines, we have developed a ”Place – and – go” robot cell, with two palletizing places, here can be palletized on one pallet, while the other full pallet is taken out and an empty pallet is placed. Investment is very low, so return on investment is very short, we can inform that the leasing fee per month here in Denmark is approx. Euro 1.350,- per month.

Pallet pattern tool

Very shortly, we will also be able to supply robots with automatic pattern set-up, that will very much ease the operation for those, which products changes a lot, this we are now testing, but something we offer already. We believe, this will make us the leader in robot palletizing.

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