At Ehcolo A/S, we put you and your company at the centre. As one of the world’s leading machine suppliers, we have a special obligation to keep your Ehcolo machines running and can therefore offer you the market’s strongest service concept. We have a complete service organization with everything under one roof. Our large size and with the possibility of 4 service cars/fitters out of 20 on the roads at the same time, makes us extremely flexible, when we at seldom occasions must service your Ehcolo machines. With a service agreement with Ehcolo A/S, you can focus on your core business and avoid unnecessary worries about your EHCOLO machinery. We operate with individually adapted service agreements that fit your needs exactly and keep track of your expenses. We regulate our service prices once a year according to the price development of Danish statistics.

Professional service – Around the clock

Get emergency assistance if your machine has broken down. We guarantee quick action anywhere in the world and are on the way quickly. Our professional service fitters will help you on site so that you can move on quickly.

We have more than 20 well-trained service fitters, the same ones who also assembly our machines and test them before delivery, so fortunately they are more at home than out. If out to install delivered machines or for service, they drive from their private addresses and bring any spare parts for the day’s planned tasks.

We aim to ensure that you always have an assigned permanent service fitter who knows your machine in advance. The service vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools, spare parts, and equipment to carry out the task – and of course our service fitters are continuously updated with the latest knowledge about our machine types.

service car for Ehcolo

Service in accordance with all regulations

At Ehcolo, we carry out service in accordance with all regulations. We carefully review and service the machines according to fixed checklists and can of course service, approve and repair both new and older machine types.

Remember: A fully functional, well-kept and maintained machine is of high value, both for production and if it should ever be sold.

We always have over 20,000 spare parts in stock here at the factory in Tobøl, which are of course also shared with parts for new machines. 

Technical Remote Support

We have of course extended our service to also include technical support via the telephone and/or via online connection to the machines.

If you have a problem with your machine that can be solved with technical support over the phone or online, our technicians are ready to help you. State the serial number of the machine and other machine data and the problem, and we can help you as soon as possible.

Technical support is invoiced at the applicable hourly rate. If you have an extended service agreement with Ehcolo, the support is free during the day.

If your problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will send one of our competent fitters.

Service contact

Spare parts contact