Green Packaging Machines

Green Packaging Machines

We care about the environment

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time where we believe businesses has a key role to play. We care about the environment and that’s why we have been innovative and thinking green when developing our machines.

At Ehcolo we have the ambition to proactively implement technology, based on the latest innovations, to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint for our equipment. We will continuously be developing, as new solutions and technologies emerge.

What makes Ehcolo green and sustainable?

Since 2009 we have continuously strived to make our machines more and more energy efficient. All mechanical parts have been redesigned, incorporating energy efficiency into our well tested original sturdy designs. Surfaces with high drag have been Teflon coated. Low friction ball bearings, at all moveable joints. Weight reduction from either design or material change to aluminum on moveable parts. Ineffective air cylinders have been replaced by electric actuators; were this have been physically possible. Gearmotors have been updated to meet the highest international efficiency standards.

“Today we are very well on our way, being the leading manufacturer of palletizers, in terms of low energy consumption and of course also related to the best quality obtainable” – Ole Andersen, managing director of Ehcolo.

All asynchronous motors are currently Premium Efficiency Class IE3, which is the best standard available today. On all axis for positioning, we use SEW servo motors, which is beyond the international efficiency standards as no standards yet comply with the low energy consumption from these motor types. The Ultra-Premium Efficiency Class IE4 is currently in preparation, and we are looking forward to what this can offer us in terms of future improvements. Our control system is the best in its class, with all motors running on the AcoposMulti servo control system from B&R/ABB.

All motors are driven by this system, which ensures soft start and stop of all movements, contributing to longer mechanical lifetime, and lowest energy consumption. For complex machines where movements are executed consecutively, kinetic energy is often released in the braking resistors in the form of heat. By connecting ACOPOSmulti servo drives via the DC bus, up to 30% of the energy used for movements can be saved. Brake energy is stored in capacitors and made available later for acceleration. This braking energy is re-used by other running motors, reducing energy consumption by up to 20% compared to systems without regeneration capabilities, which contributing to a safer and healthier environment and economy.

The user profits not only from efficient use of energy, but also from a cooler control cabinet because the heat from the resistors is greatly reduced. The measurements on our palletizers, have proven that we save 20% on the energy due to the AcoposMulti system alone.

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Control from anywhere

Our machines have been developed to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, which means that we remotely can make diagnostic work or update a software on the machines. This is done to make everything as efficient as possible for your business without downtime. The most significant benefit is that we make you feel that we are together in the same space without the need for travelling. This makes us greener and is better for the environment.