Watch our videos

Watch our videos


Ehcolo is a world leading palletizer manufacturer and turnkey packing line supplier.

Our palletizers and turnkey packing lines are supplied to companies all over the world, see firstly our presentation video below and then some project and application videos.

some videos of the range of our palletizers and packing lines, you will almost for sure see your product or a very similar one.

Company presentation

This video shows the full Ehcolo delivery program, which makes it a very comprehensive and interesting video, which we hope you have time to watch.

Ehcolo presentation

Ehcolo A/S

Ehcolo total video 2022

Total PM 800 palletizer and turnkey packing lines

Project and application videos

Pallet Protection

Ehcolo Hood stretcher HM80

Palletiser PM 800 - Stretch Hooder HM 80

Hood Stretcher HM80 in 3D

We supply and install two types of pallet protection/stabilizing machines either one of the full range of stretch wrappers from our long time partner Unitech or one of our own manufactured stretch hooders.

Find more information here.


Packing line Potato starch Palletiser

Turnkey packing line for
peat products

Peat - Packing line

Wood pellets packing lines

PM 900 for side-by-side and overlapping

New PM 400 palletizer

Flour - PM 400

Fish feed - PM 800

PM400 overlapped palletizing

Onion Packing Lines - PM 800-12 HS - 300 A net

Turnkey Packing Line

Pet Food Palletising

Palletising potatoes

Turnkey Packing Line - rolled oats

Palletizer PM 2000 for high speed overlapping palletizing

PM 1200 bag bundle palletiser

Newest PM2400 bundle palletiser

Ehcolo are a leading palletizing manufacturer.

See our selection of palletizers here.

Some Robot Palletizer videos

Robot Palletizer

Robot Palletizer for Small Bagging Lines

Robot Palletizer with Multi Tool

Interested in learning more? The team at Ehcolo are ready to help you.

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PM 400 palletiser

Our low-level gantry robot palletizer, designed for low and medium capacity packing lines up to 400 bags per hour. 

Find more information about our Palletizer PM 400 here.

Stretch wrapper

Unitech - Bottles

Container loading without pallets

Potato starch - PM 800-9 - 300 AE

Box Palletizing

Box Palletizing

PM400 overlapped palletizing