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Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10, Tobøl
6683 Føvling

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Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10, Toboel
6683 Foevling

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Telephone +45 75 39 84 11
E-mail: post@ehcolo.dk

Bag filling machines incl. Big-Bag stations

Bag filling machines incl. Big-Bag stations

Supply and installation

We supply and install a full range of bag filling machines and Big-Bag stations – mostly in connection with our turnkey packing lines. We also supply and install single machines, as we are the exclusive representative for these in Scandinavia.

Form Fill and Seal Machines

Automatic FFS bagging machines

  • Speed up to 1800 bags per hour flat film machines
  • Bag dimension all bag sizes, say from 5-50 kgs
  • Bag material film (PE and laminated)
  • Operation very user-friendly

Form fill and seal machines are a machine that does everything from forming the bag, filling the bag and sealing the bag. The machines require only one supervisor which makes it a great choice for smaller packaging lines.

The tubular and flat film FFS bagging machines are very different, but they have each their unique advantages. Let us have a closer look at their shared advantages compared to others.

Bags made on Form, Fill and Seal machines are less expensive than pre-made bags, i.e. valve and open mouth bags.
Total automation – both types of machines requires no supervision, only attention when new film roll shall be placed.
Easy and quick to clean between production batches, minimizing cross-contamination.

The Form, fill and seal machines are designed for small, medium and high capacity packing lines. They are ideal for all free-flowing and granulated products such as peat products, bark mulch, wooden pellets, and all other granulates, pellets, salt, sand, wheat, and other cereals, stones, bird food, also rolled oats and many more. The machines can also depend on product characteristics handle powder and sticky products.

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Open mouth bagging machines

Our open mouth bagging machines are designed for the different types of open mouth bag types with several closing methods i.e. folding followed by stitching or sealing It is also possible to use a combination or all three of these closing methods.

Our open mouth machines can be used for a wide range of bag types:

  • Pinch Bottom Bags – Best suitable for medium and big content.
  • SOS (Block Bottom) bags – Most popular bag solutions on the market.
  • Polywoven bag – Very strong, tear resistant and reliable packaging solution.
  • PE-Inliner bags – The bag comes with a PE-Inliner that functions as a moisturebarrier for hygienic packaging. Popular in the food industry.

Benefits of an open mouth bagging machine

The main benefit of using an open mouth bagging machine is the capacity combined with the many bag types available.

Our machines offer easy and secure filling, with the possibility for reliable and hygienic closing features. Manual bagging machine or a fully automatic, we are at your service.

Contact us here and together we will find the perfect bagging machine for you, based on your wishes and preferences.

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Valve bag bagging machines

Valve bag filling machines

  • Speed 10 to 2200 bags per hour
  • Bag dimension Al bag sizes from 5 – 50 kgs.
  • Bag material Paper and Plastic (PE, PP, etc.)
  • Operation Very user-friendly.

A valve bag is a closed bag designed for high-speed filling via a valve on spout packers for example gravity packer, impeller packer, air packer, screw packer or grooved belt packer.

Our automatic bagging equipment is used in a vast number of applications, basically in every industry. For example bagging of all types of flours and building materials generally.

Cement, building materials, dry mortar, food, pet food, agriculture, chemical, mineral, detergent applications. Ranging from fine powder to granulated material.

Can be fully automatic with automatic bag placer for continuous high capacity or with manual bag placing for lower capacities. For complete closing of bag by Ultrasonic sealing.

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Big bag filling systems

  • Speed up to 90 bags per hour depending on product and automation
  • Bag dimension Al big-bag sizes, up to 2500 kg.
  • Bag material standard big-bags
  • Operation Very user-friendly.


We supply and install Big-Bag stations of different capacities and automation. All types of free-flowing products can be filled as we have different dosing and weighing systems for different products. The big station can be a simple stand-alone unit, where a pallet is placed on the floor, the bag is placed manually and filled on the pallet, which is removed by forklift truck.

If higher capacity is required, then inclusive of pallet magazine/dispenser and roller conveyors for the full pallets. Belt conveyors for full pallets with and without pallets can also be supplied. Our Big bag filling machines can handle Big-Bags with one or four hooks and can be supplied with full-automatic sealing of filling spout.
The capacity is up to 90 Big-Bags per hour from 500 to 2000 kg. We can also fill octabins.