Container loading without pallets

Container loading without pallets

Container Bulk and Bag Loading

We have for 30 years manufactured and supplied loading systems for bag loads into containers and trucks without pallets, no manual work. You will be surprised how simple and effective it is.

The purpose of the pallet remover system (as seen on the video) is to load ship containers to the roof with bag or box loads, fast and without damaging the goods in any way and without any manual work.

The container loading system requires a standard forklift truck, the pallet remover itself type PR and a standard forklift truck mounted with a push-off device and loading plates on the forks, the last forklift truck shall be able to drive into a container. The options for the FLT can be obtained by your FLT dealer.

In case you have to much overhang on the full pallets, we can supply a hydraulic pallet load press, where the FLT enter either with the load long or cross, push a wireless button and the load get pressed together, making it easier to unload in the container.

shipping container loader
Pallet load press side
Pallet remover for shipping in containers

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