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Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Ehcolo A/S
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Pallet protection and stabilizing

Pallet protection and stabilizing

Two types of pallet protection and stabilizing machines

We supply and install two types of pallet protection/stabilizing machines from our partners, a full range of stretch wrappers and stretch hooders, this mostly in connection with our turnkey packing lines. If only as single machines, we can handle also of course, but can also advise without costs and direct customers directly to the manufacturer. 

Stretch Wrappers

High quality stretch wrappers fo an affordable price.

  • Speed 5 to 80 pallets per hour.
  • Pallet dimension All pallet sizes.
  • Wrapping material Film.
  • Operation Very user-friendly.
  • Film saving by from touchscreen.
  • adjustable pre-stretch and tension control.

We supply and install Stretch Wrappers for any pallet wrapping purpose. The Stretch Wrapper can wrap up to 80 pallets per hour with up to 400 % pre-stretch value.

Plastic wrap packaging increases the stability of pallets and it protects the pallet goods against the weather elements, during transport and if the pallet is placed outside. As such, pallets wrapped in plastic film safeguard your products as much as possible.

Our stretch wrap machines can use different sizes of plastic wrap for pallets.

The most common thickness ranges from 10 my to 30 my. Our machines can use a net instead of a film to wrap pallets. Net is suitable for organic goods like onions or potatoes, so the product can “breath”.


We corporate with Unitech

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Stretch hooder’s

High quality stretch hooder’s for an affordable price

  • Speed 5 to 250 pallets per hour.
  • Pallet dimension all pallt sizes.
  • Wrapping material film.
  • Operation Very user-friendly.
  • Maintenance only at floor level.

Stretch hooder models

We offer four models of stretch hooder.

  • T1 – Power Flex T1
  • TL – Power Flex TL
  • X1 – Multi FleX1
  • XL – Multi FleXL

More about the stretch hood models

The T1 pallet wrap machine is primarily used for pallets with different heights, but for pallet sizes within a limited range.

The TL pallet wrap machine is primarily used for pallets with different heights. The TL can wrap pallets that are conveyed into the machine with the short or long side leading. Designed for a few pallet sizes and if the difference in size is too big for the smallest and largest pallet, then we recommend the Multi-Flex pallet wrapping machine.

The X1 pallet wrap machine offers more flexibility as it can wrap various pallet sizes with different heights, as it can hold up to 3 different sizes of film rolls, which changes automatic according to automatic measuring of pallet size.

The XL pallet wrap machine is even more flexible as it can wrap pallet sizes from 500 x 500 to 3200 x 1700 mm. with a maximum of 3 m. height.

All models are fitted with the patented technology that lowers the top of the machine down to floor level, enabling easy service and maintenance.


Watch our videos or visit the company contact page