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Leading palletizer and stretch hooder manufacturer and packing line supplier

Our main business for 32 years has been manufacturing and supply of palletizers mainly for bags but also boxes. New addition is a stretch hooder. Over the years we have also supplied turnkey packing lines for bags, where we integrate the right bagging machine for the product and capacity followed by the suitable palletiser and stretch wrapper or stretch hooder. The integrated bagging machines are from long-time partners, with the same high level of top quality as our machines.

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Keyword: no downtime, 24/7 service availability and remote control. We manufacture 15 different types of palletizers + robot palletizers + two types of stretch hooders. All with genuine servo motors, full servo control with a unique energy-saving system as the only palletizing manufacturer in the world.

Besides above, we manufacture and supply a simple and unique system for loading bags into shipping containers without pallets.

Quality is important

An astronaut was asked before launching to the moon:
“How do you feel up there on top, just before launch?”
“Not good, knowing that I sit on top of 2 million parts, supplied by the lowest bidders”.

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Ole Andersen from Ehcolo

Managing Director

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Sales Manager

Hans Andersen from Ehcolo

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Smedevej 10, Toboel, DK-6683 Foevling, Denmark

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Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10, Toboel
6683 Foevling

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Telephone +45 75 39 84 11
E-mail: post@ehcolo.dk