EHCOLO innovation and design for a sustainable future

As a leading producer of packaging machines, we ensure that our machines are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. It means each department in our production setup and every employee contribute to minimize the environmental impact. Our 3 keywords are Remove, Reduce and Recycle.

Having that in mind when we design and manufacture our machines gives directly effect on economic, environmental, and social factors.

EHCOLO’s long term economic commitment is well known by our customers, but our machines and systems only become sustainable in economic terms if we constantly optimize our production and services processes along with customers benefits.

Uptimize cost effiency

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Machine life

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Operating and maintenance cost

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Energy comsumption during operation

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Now we get all of our factory power and more from solar panels mounted on our roofs.

Production-based energy comsumption

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Material consumption, waste, emissions from operations

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Operation-based energy consumption

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Packaging, transportation, disposal

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Environmental commitment is in our blood


EHCOLO will continue our production for many years ahead and therefore we must create the necessary conditions today. Environmental commitment is in our blood. Natural resources used are scarce and therefore need to be used cautiously. EHCOLO’s efforts is directed continuously to reduce energy consumption in our machines and plant operations. Our aim is to minimize waste and logistic complexity.

We bear a particular responsibility for the environment


As a successful family-owned company, we bear a particular responsibility for our team, our customers, and our partners. And for the environment, society, and the regions surrounding our locations, to which we have been tied for numerous years.

Our employees, their know-how, and their dedication are what characterize us and make us strong. We see the people behind the performance, appreciate them, and foster their development by means of an extensive range of training offers, by treating one another with respect, and with intensive occupational health and safety measures. This enables us to set a great deal in motion – and shape the future that we would like to see.

Training and education standards

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Development for the region

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Health and safety standards

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We care about the environment 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time where we believe businesses has a key role to play. We care about the environment and that’s why we have been innovative and thinking green when developing our machines.

At Ehcolo we have the ambition to proactively implement technology, based on the latest innovations, to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint for our equipment. We will continuously be developing, as new solutions and technologies emerge.

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About us

Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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