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Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10, Tobøl
6683 Føvling

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Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10, Toboel
6683 Foevling

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Telephone +45 75 39 84 11
E-mail: post@ehcolo.dk

Turnkey packing lines for full bags

Turnkey packing lines for full bags

Complete turnkey packing lines

Ehcolo has over the last 10 years supplied complete turnkey packing lines for bags fulfilling the customer’s wishes for talking to only one suppler, and one which takes full responsibility and have the know-how understanding customer’s requirement = making life easy for customers.

– For open mouth bags any type or size
– For valve bags any type or size
– For FFS bags

Can be the complete line bagging machine, palletizer, stretch hood or stretch wrapper, or without bagging, along with all the necessary equipment such as sheet dispenser, check weigher, metal detector, glue applicator, labeling etc.

To the right you will see some examples of layouts.

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