Pallet protection and stabilizing

Pallet protection and stabilizing

Stretch Hooder and Stretch Wrapper machines in the best quality

We supply and install two types of pallet protection/stabilizing machines. Two types of stretch hooders, one with one roll and one with two rolls of film, so that we can cover the full range of standard pallet sizes. Further we can supply a full range of stretch wrappers from our partner Unitech Italy, which have the same high quality as our own manufactured machines. Both types are supplied in connection with our turnkey packing lines or as \”stand-alone single machines.

About us

Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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Ehcolo A/S
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