Portfolio and advantages

Portfolio and advantages

Portfolio, short history and advantages

Ehcolo was founded in 1987, and the first machines developed and manufactured was automatic ship container loaders for bags without pallets, first machines were quite complicated but effective, since we have developed some simpler container bag loading systems, which is affordable for everybody, and also very effective. In 1989 we developed and manufactured the first automatic palletiser, and since then we have developed many different sizes and models of palletisers, today we can offer 14 different models for different capacities and products, + we can offer also robot palletisers based on Yaskawa robot, where we then manufacture all other equipment as grippers, conveyors etc., + we have developed a unique touchscreen interface with pattern set-up, which makes it extremely easy for operators. As a proof of our superior machine design, we have also developed the last years 3 different models of empty bag bundle palletisers, which are triple the size of our standard bag palletiser, capacity of to 2400 bundles per hour, the highest on the market. And last not least, we have last year 2020 developed a new unique hood stretcher, have already sold a few of these. They will in many instances be part of our many to be supplied turnkey packing lines, of which we have supplied many of in the last 10 years, inclusive supplied bagging machines from our yearlong partners. We have references all over the world in all industries. We focus on the quality, so that maintenance costs are close to 0 and most important hardly any downtime. 


We have since 2009 been using servo controllers together with standard SEW asynchronous motors,
And to get other benefits, like the best energy efficiency, soft stop and start, extremely accuracy and max capacity, we have also converted to genuine SEW servomotors on all axis for positioning. All positioning servo motors are equipped with absolute encoders, which counts also, when there is power break down, means restart without the need of emptying palletiser.


Motors with direct start disappears

From 2016, all previous directly started motors has been variable speed controlled. Advantage, less wear and tear due to smooth start and stop of all machine parts also pallet roller conveyors.

All motors are now servo controlled. Main items all with genuine servo geared motors, but also normal AC motors are servo controlled. No units running with direct start. Another advantage with this upgrade, is that our machines

now standardly fit all electrical grids. From 3x220V to 3x500V without any modification at all.


Color touch Screen

We have changed our 15” HMI into a new 18,5” widescreen panel. Reasons, besides general overall technical development are several.

Better performance, in terms of better screen resolution, faster handling of graphics and greater user-friendliness due to larger display is some of the reasons. Very few texts, instead easy for all understandable icons.


RFID login

Alongside the screen update we have updated our password system with an RFID reader. Together with the reader there will be delivered 2 pieces of RFID tags for each user level. The system has been made after several customer requirements, and we find it so good, that we now have incorporated it as standard.

The system is to ensure that passwords can’t be distributed freely. An operator with an operator tag, will only have access to the corresponding parameters for his level.

We earlier saw that all operators used the technician password, with the possibility to change parameters which basically could make the machine unusable. This is no longer possible with the new system. Further we memorize un-erasable all actions made by each operator with time and name of operator, so that it can be seen, who has done what and when. Reduces down time a lot, as nobody any more is playing around with the parameters.

RFID login

External Control & Data Communication 

“Anywhere Control” via Internet.

Our palletizers and stretch hooders can be monitored and controlled from anywhere, and we Ehcolo can monitor and access everything, also the history of events, so that we remotely easily can make eventual diagnostic work and in fact also operate the machines, change parameters and eventually also change/improve software remote. Means our machines are connected in an internal network to the VPN router in the machine control, which then have to be connected with your network, giving access to Internet, where we access the controls on each machine. It shall be said that the VPN connection is safe and secure. Customer can also access the control via the VPN router from anywhere.

Also IoT (Internet of Things) ready

Also Industry 4.0 compliance and enablement

Our palletizer and hooder control has a OPC-UA server, which is the newest within data communication, many does not know it, but everybody will need to know and use, as this is the future way to do it and an easy way and well documented. In short, we can make available all thinkable data and then they can be captured by customer SCADA system in a format customer can easily handle.

We just have to agree on which data you are interested in. What is an OPC UA server, watch this video.

And we have support 24/7/ 365 support hotline. 


Low Energy Palletising 

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.
Addressing it requires a transition to a low-carbon economy.
And, as stated in the Paris Agreement on climate change, business has a key role to play.

EHCOLO ́s ambition is to proactively implement technology, based on the latest innovations, to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint for our equipment. We will continuously be developing, as new solutions and technologies emerge.

One thing is manufacturing the equipment in EHCOLO ́s factory with focus on carbon emissions. Another thing is the total carbon footprint, that the machine will set in its lifetime of palletising products.

Here it is especially important that the products are palletized using a minimum of energy, reducing carbon emission and overall running cost. Since 2009 we have continuously strived to make our machines more and more energy efficient.

Today we are very well on our way, being the leading manufacturer of palletizers, in terms of low energy consumption and of course also related to the best quality obtainable.

All mechanical parts have been designed improved, incorporating energy efficiency into our well tested original sturdy design. Surfaces with high drag due to product contact, have been Teflon coated. Low friction ball bearings, at all moveable joints. Weight reduction, from either design or material change to aluminum on moveable parts.

Ineffective air cylinders have been replaced by electric actuators; were this have been physically possible. Gearmotors have been updated to meet the highest international efficiency standards.
All asynchronous motors are currently Premium Efficiency Class IE3, which is the best standard available

On all axis for positioning, we use SEW servo motors, which is beyond the international efficiency standards, as no standards yet comply with the low energy consumption from these motor types.

The Ultra-Premium Efficiency Class IE4, is currently in preparation, and we are looking forward to what this can offer us in terms of future improvements. Our control system is the best in its class, with all motors running on the AcoposMulti servo control system from B&R/ABB.

All motors are driven by this system, which ensures soft start and stop of all movements, contributing to longer mechanical lifetime, and lowest energy consumption. For complex machines where movements are executed consecutively, kinetic energy is often released in the braking resistors in the form of heat. By connecting ACOPOSmulti servo drives via the DC bus, up to 30% of the energy used for movements can be saved. Brake energy is stored in capacitors and made available at a later time for acceleration. This braking energy is re-used by other running motors, reducing energy consumption by up to 20% compared to systems without regeneration capabilities.

The user profits not only from efficient use of energy, but also from a cooler control cabinet because the heat from the resistors is greatly reduced. Onsite real-time measurement on our palletizers, have proven that we save 20% on the energy due to the AcoposMulti system alone.


We use the best parts available on the market and our construction is so, that you will not see our machines wave in the wind.

Gears with servo motors and normal geared motors 

We only use SEW motors and we are not used to any breakdown of any SEW parts, but should unlikely something happens in the future, the parts are always available locally.
All motors are servo controlled, absolutely not normal, and has some costs also, but all items have soft start and stop, this extends life time many times, which then reduce costs the other way. 


Servo control soft PLC and electronic control parts 

Here we use one sub-supplier, B&R Automation from Austria, owned by ABB.
We have parts in stock as well have B&R/ABB in many countries.

Pneumatic parts 

There are very few pneumatic parts, as sub-supplier here, we use FESTO. We have parts on stock, as well have FESTO everywhere.

Sensors and Light Guards 

We use only parts from SICK, a German company. We have parts on stock, as well have SICK everywhere.


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Ehcolo A/S was founded in 1987, the main shareholder is Hans Andersen, Managing Director. The company is known for its innovation and the machines for their high technical standards and good quality, which can be maintained because of good employees with high technical knowledge and craftsmanship.

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